Spell of Odin

The Vikings are back – accept the Spell of Odin, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime!

About the slot
Vikings have become an extremely popular theme among slot game developers recently, especially after the huge success Hall of Gods has enjoyed. Norse mythology is interesting, brutal and filled with action. Maybe it is the resemblance to Game of Thrones that set the wheels in motion? Anyway, we have tried out several Viking-themed slot machines over the past year, and just recently we got our hands on Spell of Odin. Honestly? Quite a disappointing game. The game developers behind Spell of Odin are 2 By 2 Gaming, a fairly unknown company. Its lack of expertise is evident from the first minutes of spinning the wheels. Or, even from the first glance. Some of the symbols do suggest that the title is correct, that this is a slot machine with Norse mythology and Vikings in focus. However, there is simply not enough to support the theme. Spell of Odin is also quite an old game, with outdated graphics and a lack of animations (and many other things). It is user-friendly in terms of easy buttons and clearly distinct symbols, but that is basically it.

Bet whatever, doesn’t make it better
If you have decided to try out every single Viking-themed slot machine out there, you will probably spend some time on Spell of Odin as well. And it is likely many players will have the same question – where are the Vikings? The symbols 10, J, Q, K and A look completely out of place, and the Vikings did not use fancy horses – so what are these symbols doing here? The Norse-styled ring and the Viking ship are good, but what about the three foxy ladies? If they are supposed to be Viking-women, 2 By 2 Gaming should have added some details on this. Spell of Odin has 25 paylines, and you can bet more or less anything in terms of stakes. We recommend that in the beginning, you only bet small amounts, to see of this game will bore you or if it’s something you want to try out some more.
Special features and free spins on Spell of Odin
Spell of Odin can be fun, if lady luck is on your side and you see the best symbols appear as often as possible. There are two special functions here which could prove quite lucrative – the wild symbol and the free spins. Odin himself is the wild, and can appear in stacks. If he takes over a whole reel, this big wild-symbol will duplicate itself to another reel, increasing your chances of a big win. Oh, and yes – you can actually win very big on Spell of Odin. Then you have the scatter symbol, which rewards you with free spins. Three shield-and-sword symbols will start free spins on Spell of Odin, and award you with an instant win as well.

All in all, this is probably the worst Viking-themed slot machine we have played. But as we know, it takes more than one slot game to make everyone happy. It is still quite feasible some will like it, as winnings are constant with a high RTP, and the maximum payout is huge. Duplicating wilds are always welcome, and free spins should attract their fair share of players. If you are looking for 3-D graphics, an interesting story, and enticing bonus games, however, we would recommend other slots.

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